The Storyteller's MuseThe Storyteller’s Muse by Traci Harding

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Traci Harding’s work. I have every single book she has written and my favourite has always been ‘The Alchemists Key.’ I think today, I have developed a new favourite.

The Storyteller’s Muse is a refreshing book with brand new characters. I absolutely loved the character development and the comradeship between the authors.

The flow of the story just takes you and sweeps your imagination away. You are immersed in a story where you don’t even know what country you are in.

Reading about Muses and writing has made my inner Muse raise a hand and say “Hello, I am here.”

Penelope is a wonderfully cranky old author whose passion has left her all alone. Peter and Gabrielle both grow into the destinies they were created for and we are drawn into the world of ghosts, voodoo and creative inspiration.

If you haven’t read Traci Harding, then I suggest getting off your bottoms and buying a copy of this book.

I loved it!

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