‘Taliesin!’ Oeins’ voice echoed in the empty room, making it sound ghostly, especially as it was hissed with a hint of exasperation.  Taliesin grinned back, not heeding Oeins’ tone.

‘Shh, Tarran isn’t here, besides she wouldn’t mind anyway.’ Taliesin went back to what she had been doing. Oein shook her head and sighed as she leaned against the wall. When they had arrived, the room was filled with clutter and all sorts of furniture. Now, not so much.

‘I’m sure she will mind that you got RID OF ALL her stuff!’ Taliesin’s back stiffened slightly and she turned to glare at her Bonded.

‘You know that was an accident. I’m trying to fix it, now be quiet.’ Oein waved a hand as if to say whatever and waited. Taliesin didn’t take long, throwing out one hand then the other, she was like a conductor but instead of music, she was conducting elementals. All the elements were called, light flashed as power filled the room and soon it was done.

Oein opened her eyes, whistled as she willed her heart to keep beating. Tarran was going to explode. Taliesin backed up until she stood next to Oein and the two women cocked their heads, looking around the room. Silence was strong, until the Magi asked hesitantly.

‘It’s not that bad… is it?’

‘How about we go now before she comes home.’ Oein suggested instead of answering. Taliesin nodded, her relief palpable that was the suggestion.

‘Did you leave the papers?’ Oein asked as the backed out the room. Taliesin pointed to the notebook on the kitchen table.

‘Right! Let’s go.’