The launch of ‘Lament for the Afterlife’ and the ‘Fall’ by Lisa L Hannett and Sean Williams.

Lisa L. Hannett

Well, it’s official: Lament for the Afterlife and Twinmaker: Fall have been launched in Adelaide!

launch lisa sean launchedSaturday night was such a blast. If you ever find yourself in a position to have a joint book launch and celebration with one of your most excellent friends, do it. It was so much fun launching Sean’s book and having him launch mine (his speech was a billion times better than mine, which should come as no surprise — the lad’s got a way with words, after all!) Since there were two of us, we were able to keep the speeches short (which is ideal when there is champagne waiting to be had!) and we both gave a little taste of our stories before calling the formalities to a close. The SA Writers Centre was a lovely venue, as always, and lucky for us the weather was cool(ish) that day so the atrium didn’t…

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