I love, love, love using my slow cooker. I love the taste, smell and texture of slow cooked foods. Now I came across this book a few weeks ago when it came into work. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

It is called ‘Whole Food, Slow Cooked’ by Olivia Andrews.

Whole Food Slow Cooked is the solution to nourishing friends and family with ease and style. Each recipe offers cooking methods for both slow cooker and stovetop or oven and is designed to fit in around a busy schedule. And, because slow cooking means you can make the most of cheaper cuts of meat by braising them to melting tenderness, it’s economical too.

Just fire up the slow cooker in the morning and you can come home to a kitchen filled with the aroma of caramel pork belly, pea and ham soup or the ultimate bolognese ready to toss into a pan of pasta. With curries, seafood, lazy weekend fare and plenty of meat-free options, you’ll never be short of ideas to keep everyone happy and well-fed.

Healthy and convenient don’t usually go together – but now you really can have the best of both worlds.

About the Author

Olivia Andrews is a food writer, recipe developer and food stylist who has worked for Feast magazine, MasterChef, Destination Down Under (SBS) and delicious. Whole Food slow cookedNot only does it have recipes for the slow cooker, but the book also has the method for cooking the same dish on the stove top as well. It is such a brilliant book! I have cooked about five things from it so far and they have all worked out so very well. Here are a few pages from the book.

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I would highly recommend this cooking book if you love to make fantastic food! The price is very good as well, only $35.00 AUD. Now I can write to the delicious smell of my lunch/dinner cooking.