Sigrun looked up as two women walked in the door. One was a Magi and the other a warrior. She sat straighter, a little nervous as she was the newest member. The Magi smiled brightly at her and sat down, reaching for one of the apples that Tarran kept on the table. The warrior nodded her head in greeting and sat down next to the Magi. There was an awkward silence for a moment, then The Magi held out her hand,

‘Hi, I am Taliesin and this is Oein’ Oein smiled and cleared her throat,

‘Don’t mind the Magi, she is a bit strange but you get used to her.’ Taliesin choked and glared at the other woman.


Oein shrugged and reached for some fruit as well. Sigrun felt a chuckle well up and she felt a bit more at ease.

‘Hi, I am Sigrun. It will be a pleasure working with you!’