Taliesin walked into her friends home and shrugged, they were always missing each other. She sniffed the air, something had been baking recently. Taliesin followed her nose, the scent of ginger, cinnamon and banana’s making her mouth water. On the counter, just sitting there, was a plate of banana cake. Taliesin’s stomach grumbled and she absently rubbed it thinking back to what she last ate. It hadn’t been very tasty and it looked like compost, but beggers couldn’t be choosy.

‘Surely she wouldn’t mind if I took just one piece?’ Taliesin muttered to herself as she search for a knife.


As I came up to the house, I noticed the door was ajar. That meant two things. One, I had been burgled or Taliesin had been and just forgot to lock the door…. like she always did. I was hopeful that it was the second one. I shifted my shopping and making sure that I had something in my hands that I could defend myself if need be, walked into my house. The banana cake I had baked earlier still made the house smell wonderful – too bad I couldn’t eat it as I am allergic to banana’s. I scanned the lounge room, nothing had been touched, all of Little A’s toys were still on the floor. Heart punding,  I put the shopping down and went into the kitchen. The first thing I noticed was a satchel of papers on the kitchen table. That made me relax my guard. It was indeed Taliesin who had been in the house. Only she would leave me such a mess to work through.

‘Oh Taliesin, why can’t you take proper notes?’ I sighed as I started to go through them. It was then I noticed the scrawled note.

“Tarran, I dopped by but you weren’t home. Here are some more adventures. If you see Oein, tell her she needs to keep up. Thanks for the cake!”

Quickly looking up, I see no sign of the cake I left out earlier… only crumbs…………….