I haven’t heard from Taliesin or Oein lately. It has been a long busy month. I have completely overhauled the first few chapters of their stories. I have heard rumours that The First Lord is getting stronger so I hope they are okay. I went to Taliesin’s home yesterday and as I walked up the garden path something struck me about the place.

It was lonely here.

Taliesin is a bundle of energy but at her depth she is a very lonely girl. She never lets me or anyone else get close to her. I will have to keep trying.

When I reached the door I saw that is open slightly. Which isn’t normal. Taliesin is super paranoid and would NEVER leave her door like that. I stopped, thinking should I go in or run away. I chose to investigate.

I inched my way around the back of the house trying to peer into windows like a two bit peeping tom. All I could see was mess. Furniture, clothes, books everything was stewn around the place. There were no bodies as yet. A bird chirped in my ear and I jumped. My heart was thumping a mile a minute.  There was no sounds coming from the small home. I reached the back door and tried the handle. It opened under my touch. I stared into the laundry room and took a step forward into the house. It was quiet, not a sound to be heard. There was a small sulfur smell in the air that mixed with the herbs Taliesin grew. My dread grew but I tried to will that feeling away and feel positive – where thought goes engery flows.

I dare not call out just incase – so I walked quickly into the hall way and looked around. It was a mess. Slowly I checked the whole house.

No Taliesin. No blood. Only mess.

Where was she?