Taliesin wanted me to post a short peice on the beginning of the tale. Here is what we have put together so far:

Kalitha – Year of the Lady 2006
They were getting close to the Temple Proper, the archaeological team was getting very
excited. They had been at the dig site for over six months now and the rains were due any week.
They had to finish this or they would have to come back next season and start all over. The Magi
here were looking into pre Magi civilisation. What were the first people who could handle the
magic of this world like? That was what they hoped to discover with this site.
After years of research and digs, the Magi Council of Kalitha had come to the conclusion
that this site once housed the Capital of the Order, before it got moved to Tralina. Isya Jonov, the
Lead Magi on the dig, wanted to find out why it was moved. She was obsessed with the thought that
something had happened, something that had changed the way they viewed magic. The history
records while extensive at the Orders Chapter House in Tralina, were not complete. Much was
missing, as if some one had reached in and grabbed all the Pre History stuff and took it. Scraps were
left and it was these scraps that had put Isya on this path.

More to come!